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The mower for the roadsides!

In 2018 we started developing the "Bolex" front mower. Not just like that, but because of the demand from the market of contractors, green companies and grass seed cultivation. Due to our relationship of trust with these customers and the many years of experience with this type of mower, we have decided to investigate the possibilities. We can proudly say that it has worked out so far. In 2019 we delivered the first Bolex 240F HD and 280F HD front mower. We also offer a wide range of rear mowers.

Modularly constructed

The Bolex cutter bar of both the front mower and the rear mower has a modular construction. This means that the cutter bar is constructed with left or right hand units and intermediate pieces. These parts are held together by means of a strong pull rod. The mowing units are driven by means of a hexagonal shaft and not through all kinds of gears. This hex shaft runs through the heart of the cutting units. Each cutting unit takes its power requirement from this shaft, this minimizing friction and heat losses. The big advantage of this is the lower power requirement, resulting in fuel savings.


Due to this modular construction, each mowing unit has its own amount of grease. Even when mowing on slopes, the grease remains on the right place and does not go down to one side as with conventional cutter bars. If any unexpected damage to the cutter bar it can be, due the modular construction, repaired easily and in a relatively short time. If necessary also in the field.

Years of experience

Because of our long experience with these mowers and close contact with our customers, we know what’s going on. Every day has its own challenge, which is why we aim to respond quickly and keep many parts in stock. This is to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Flora and fauna-friendly

Compared to the flail mower, the Bolex mower is a lot less harmful to the flora and fauna. The circular motion of the mowing blade cuts the grass and throws it directly back. The grass, including everything what’s in it, therefore only comes into contact with the mower for a short time. So it is not shredded as can happen with a flail mower. The mower is also equipped with a ground pressure relief system and does not use a roller, which means that the machine is less stressful for the ground and the turf is not damaged. Also the animals in the crop have sufficient options not to come into contact with the mower. Optionally, we can fit a "eco-kit". These intermediate pieces have a number of advantages: the blades remain sharp longer, the cutter bar gets less damaged and it is also better rounded for possible animals. The damage to the flora and fauna is kept to a minimum!

Various working widths

The front mower series currently consists of 3 models: the 205F HD with a working width of 2,05m, the 240F HD with a working width of 2.4 meters and the 280F HD with a working width of 2.8 meters. Due to the modular construction, we can also supply other working widths if desired. For harvesting/mowing grass seeds, where the working width is important, we build for example different widths.

  • Bolex 205F HD, 2.05 meters

  • Bolex 240F HD, 2.40 meters

  • Bolex 280F HD, 2.80 meters

The rear mowers are available in the following working widths:

  • Bolex 165 HD, 1.65 meters

  • Bolex 205 HD, 2.05 meters

  • Bolex 240 HD, 2.40 meters

  • Bolex 280 HD, 2.80 meters

  • Bolex 320 HD, 3.20 meters


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