The mower for the roadsides! In 2018 we started developing the "Bolex" front mower. Not just like that, but because of the demand from the market of contractors, green companies and grass seed cultivation. Due to our relationship of ... lees meer
Date: 14-4-2021 - Time: 08:22:58
Subject: One of our daily loadings..

Date: 1-12-2016 - Time: 14:28:34
Subject: Ready to trade..
Used rakes in good condition, ready to trade!
Date: 20-2-2016 - Time: 11:39:18
Subject: John Deere 8200
This nice John Deere 8200 is on the way to his new owner.
Date: 20-1-2016 - Time: 10:23:11
Subject: Special loading

Date: 14-1-2016 - Time: 10:26:44
Subject: Case CX90 delivered.
This nice Case CX90 is delivered to an international customer.
Date: 20-10-2015 - Time: 16:34:19
Subject: Steketee seedbed combination
This Steketee is sold to our Romanian market, also interested? Please call us or send us an email.
Date: 20-4-2015 - Time: 13:45:56
Subject: International trade
These machine are on the way to a new user entry.
Date: 6-2-2015 - Time: 10:06:10
Subject: Sold to Romania
Those machinery are intended for our Romanian market.
Date: 6-2-2015 - Time: 09:58:00
Subject: John Deere 7430 and Lemken VariOpal 8
Today; We export the John Deere 7430 and Lemken VariOpal 8.  
Date: 8-11-2013 - Time: 08:41:02
Subject: Special loads!
Our specialists had loaded a trailer for export.
Date: 18-3-2013 - Time: 15:37:07
Subject: John Deere 5200 chopper
Arrived today: John Deere 5200 self-propelled chopper, fitted with 6-row Claas header. 3341 hours on clock. See our heading 'occasions' for pictures, for questions: please call IJsbrand.
Date: 27-12-2012 - Time: 14:29:17
Subject: Welcome at our website !
We are very pleased to present you our new website !If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via our contactpage.
Date: 15-12-2012 - Time: 11:11:11