Subject: One of our daily loadings..

Date: 1-12-2016 - Time: 14:28:34
Subject: Ready to trade..
Used rakes in good condition, ready to trade!
Date: 20-2-2016 - Time: 11:39:18
Subject: John Deere 8200
This nice John Deere 8200 is on the way to his new owner.
Date: 20-1-2016 - Time: 10:23:11
Subject: Special loading

Date: 14-1-2016 - Time: 10:26:44
Subject: Case CX90 delivered.
This nice Case CX90 is delivered to an international customer.
Date: 20-10-2015 - Time: 16:34:19
Subject: Steketee seedbed combination
This Steketee is sold to our Romanian market, also interested? Please call us or send us an email.
Date: 20-4-2015 - Time: 13:45:56
Subject: International trade
These machine are on the way to a new user entry.
Date: 6-2-2015 - Time: 10:06:10
Subject: Sold to Romania
Those machinery are intended for our Romanian market.
Date: 6-2-2015 - Time: 09:58:00
Subject: John Deere 7430 and Lemken VariOpal 8
Today; We export the John Deere 7430 and Lemken VariOpal 8.  
Date: 8-11-2013 - Time: 08:41:02
Subject: Special loads!
Our specialists had loaded a trailer for export.
Date: 18-3-2013 - Time: 15:37:07
Subject: John Deere 5200 chopper
Arrived today: John Deere 5200 self-propelled chopper, fitted with 6-row Claas header. 3341 hours on clock. See our heading 'occasions' for pictures, for questions: please call IJsbrand.
Date: 27-12-2012 - Time: 14:29:17
Subject: Welcome at our website !
We are very pleased to present you our new website !If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via our contactpage.
Date: 15-12-2012 - Time: 11:11:11